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Workshop| Fortree Hill Furniture Upholstered and Restored Fine Furniture

Welcome to Fortree Hill Furniture Workshop

Home to Begotten Furniture

Created one piece at a time in a small Midwest workshop. We are Artisan Furniture. Our one line is Begotten. We are not retail shopping.

FHF Atelier | Fortree Hill Furniture Workshop is where our furniture work happens. 

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All of our pieces have lived a previous life, Our creative process is notable and unique. Touring the workshop you'll see first hand the craftsmanship and time dedicated to our upholstered and restored fine furniture.  

Our selection of artisan upholstered and restored fine furniture is constantly evolving. Pre production invenory consists of reclaimed fine furniture: chairs, sofas, and ottomans. The frames are solid hardwood. The styles - French Country, Midcentury, and vintage circa 1920 to 1970's. Midwest Made, within a close community of supportive neighbors and friends, one piece at a time.  

Begotten is our sole line of fine artisan fine furniture, upholstered and restored fine furniture. For the places called home.

Mission | Belief | Philosophy

Our mission is to rescue and restore fine furniture that has already stood the test of time.

Our belief is that quality furniture has inherent lasting value that is meant to be experienced daily in the places called home. We value craftsmen and natural resources of the past and care greatly to preserve those of the present.

Our Philosophy is to create one of a kind furniture that will inspire you to live, dream, and create memories in the place you call home.

The Tour

(The inside tour of my workshop is almost ready. The following links are in production and will be available very soon.)

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