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About Fortree Hill Furniture (the long story)

Fortree Hill Furniture is artfully restored fine furniture, established circa 2009. Our belief, is that quality furniture is beautiful and has inherent lasting value that is meant to be experienced daily in the places called home. It began with one chair. We have one focus - Furniture. We have one line, Begotten. Our customers like us, eschew retail. Our Market is North America, US and Canada. Our brand is tenderly Begotten.

Our furniture inventory consists of decades old wood frames and acquired fine fibers, textiles, and fabrics produced throughout the world. Each piece honors and respects present and past craftsmen, artisans, and natural resources. As a small business it is vibrant and humbling to be a part of the world economy.

The design language is unique and has distinguished characteristics that make each piece stand out. Our work strives for visual beauty and integrity reflecting loyalty to time, individual patina of subtle nicks, mars, or imperfections which add a rich quality of authenticity that transcends time.

Fortree Hill furniture is created with the intention to inspire individual style that yields beauty and comfort. Our focus remains designing and creating furniture for the places called home.

Quality is upheld with our consistent commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful design one piece at a time.

Fortree Hill Furniture has grown through an unseen web of connections and relationships one person and one piece of furniture at a time. Our designs are sold by word of mouth, through designers, at local boutiques, by appointment at my small shop on Concord Drive located within the heart of a lovely supportive community of neighbors and friends, and online at our website.

Fortree Hill Furniture is authentic and timeless beauty, for your home.

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