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Begotten Furniture | Chairs, Sofas, and Ottomans

Begotten Furniture it's our one and only line. It's what we do. One piece at a time.

Fortree Hill Furniture creates high-quality, distinctive furniture skillfully by hand using traditional craft methods.

We're artisan fine furniture. We're 100% Midwest Made, 100% Woman Designed and Created. 100% focused on furniture.

There are no mass production techniques.

We have no direct competitors.

Our fine slice of the furniture market is quaint, unassuming, selective, and extraordinary.

Our marketing and advertising is minimal, reserved, and mostly visual or by word of mouth.

Our aim is exclusive and one of a kind, like our customers.

To beget something means to cause it to happen or to be created.

Eschew Retail Explore Begotten.

Fortree Hill Furniture 

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