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About Me (a longer story)

After working as a corporate tax accountant for nearly 20 years, I decided to follow a dream rooted in experiencing furniture not just with function but with inherent beauty that has the capacity to stir emotion creating connections in the present and good memories of the past, my passion was revealed.

With studies in design and furniture restoration, repair and upholstery behind me, I began to acquire, design, and create furniture that became the heartbeat of my home offering visual beauty and physical comfort to my family and friends.

Soon followed an unexpected demand of my work and my furniture company was born. Many of the pieces I work with are generously 30 or more years old, have lived previous lives, are rescued castaways, worn out, and a little broken. With my eyes and hands, I restore a beauty that I imagine "once was and is meant to be," bringing warmth to the interior spaces we call home.

I like working with color and textures that detail exquisite design of wood frames. All pieces of furniture are acquired personally by me, throughout Midwest communities of the United States. Each individual piece of furniture is meticulously cared for and handcrafted by me in my workshop. I grow and change as an artist as each project develops lending a continual expansion of my creative and unique work.  

With gratitude,


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